Taking truly stellar images is vital for the success of a jewelry business. In a way, the images offer your potential customers and target audience with an appealing presentation of something that they have the will and capacity to purchase.
However, if you are not a professional photographer, you may end up taking sloppy images that can harm your business’s reputation if they are put up. Here are some of the most common jewelry advertising photography mistakes you should avoid:

•    Shoddy Presentation
Every imperfection and error is magnified in a photograph. Have you prepared you image for the photo shoot? A common mistake is not fixing any damage in the piece. For instance, if there are some minor stones missing in the jewelry piece, it must be amended. Next, no dust or dirt must be visible. The shinier the piece, the more appeal the image will have.

•    Poor Lighting
There are many things that could go wrong with lighting. Harsh lights tend to reflect off shiny and reflective jewelry. Most often you may end up using a flash camera that overexposes the shot. In contrast, a lack of natural lighting or diffused lighting may make the images dull and unattractive. Opting A professional photographer will take shots with optimal lighting and camera settings that can place your jewelry pieces in the best ‘light’.

•    Busy Shots
In an effort to make the jewelry images ‘pop’, jewelry businesses tend to use too many unnecessary props and backgrounds that tend to do more damage than harm. It takes the focus away from your jewelry. Kind of defeats the purpose, don’t you think?

•    Inaccurate White Balance
The white balance setting on the camera ensures that the camera captures images that are close to the subject’s true colors. Unfortunately, the wrong white balance setting could make the color of your jewelry look unappealing and unattractive. A professional photographer has the expertise and skills to adjust camera settings to ensure this does not happen.
Avoid These Mistakes By Bringing The Pro On Board!
The above-mentioned mistakes are not quite unavoidable. Photography for jewelry requires a level of technical understanding and expertise after all.

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