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Join the major manufacturer and wholesaler which uses our catalog app to present the products in a fashionable way to thir clients:


Prestige of having your own app in itunes and google play store. • Cost efficient compared to printing catalogs.
• Fully editable information.
• Prices can be changed.
• Stock availiblty can be adjusted hourly, daily, anytime you want.
• Orders can be placed in this app while browsing the catalog.
• Multiple catalogs can be added and pages can be adjusted.

•SECURE LOG IN: Each client will need to create an account and get authorization from you.

•FULL CONTACT INFORMATION: Client needs to enter full address, phone number and exiting costumer number in order to get authorization.

•ALL CATALOGS IN ONE PLACE: You will be able to add new pages and new catalogs to your app.

•BROWSE PAGES: Clients will be able to see all your products in custom designed pages.


Editable product information and prices.

•COMPLETE ORDER HISTORY: Both you and client will be able to see their order history.

•EASY and FAST ORDER PROCESS: Client will be able to add products into the order form while browsing. Order form can be send with clicking one button.