Too many advertising agencies provide marketing but do they understand jewelry marketing?

We know that jewelry industry is different than all the other markets.  We have experience with working retailers, designers, and manufacturers.

Our competitive pricing will help you maximize your marketing investment.​  It's time for you to relax and enjoy our fascinating services.

Jewelry photography requires that every precious detail—be it the diamond's unique sparkle or the intricate detail in the metalwork—be retained. We shoot with high-resolution digital cameras that are capable of recording remarkable levels of detail. With multiple shooting stations and retouchers, we're able to produce catalog-style images with a quick turnaround of up to 150 items a week.

Don’t rely on web-based methods alone to bring customers to your site. Rely on more traditional advertising methods and include your web site address (URL) on everything. Traditional advertising should use short teasers that direct consumers to your web site for more product information. Your traditional ads should just catch their attention and draw them to your web site where more in depth information is provided to help close the deal. Companies are finding traditional ads directing customers to their web site is more productive than banner ads on portals and search engines.  They’re getting excellent marketing results by using traditional advertising to drive people to their site. Traditional ways include brand-awareness campaigns, key industry trade shows, and advertising in trade journals. Therefore It's important to have elegant designs with high resolution images.

Replacing costly catalog printing & mailing with an Ipad and Android app.

Send and update your catalogs, brochures whenever you want!

Avoid expensive mailing fees!

Take advantage of this futures sales tool now!

Jewelry videos create a more personal interaction between a business and its customer. People want fast and easy information. Video branding of products does not limit itself to the website, but can be published to blogs, video sharing sites, social networking sites and more. Video marketing takes advantage of people's lethargic natures. Most people prefer to "watch" something, rather than "read" something because it requires less effort. Also, because it takes more effort, or at least "appears" to take more effort, video signifies trust to the audience.Statistics show dramatically improved conversion rates for online retailers who use jewelry videography to showcase their jewelry products. Armed with full HD (1080p-capable) video equipment and professional lighting, we can help you do just that. Instead of photographing several angles of a product, a single video showcasing it all can be more cost-effective.

An attractive and professional website is essential for the success of any business. But in order to stand out from the competition, a cookie-cutter site isn’t enough. At VIVA BLUE, we develop unique, custom websites from scratch, no matter what your requirements.

Our process is structured to create polished, professional websites, as straightforward as possible. We take your website from concept to completion with proofs provided every step of the way. Our web design process consists of three stages: planning, design, and development. By completing each phase, in order, we can produce outstanding websites with no hang-ups or delays.

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