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Tips for Photographing Jewelry for Your Online Store

December 2, 2015


As they say, ‘an image can say more than a 1000 words’, it’s important to make sure that you are sending across the right message to your audience with jewelry photography. Resorting to the DIY route for jewelry photography is big risk that’s not worth the time and effort of an entrepreneur who is already preoccupied with other business obligations.


The online jewelry business is getting competitive with every passing day, so it’s important to put the right foot with professional jewelry marketing to stay ahead in the game.


If you are an online jewelry store owner willing to get captivating and stunning photographs for your jewelry pieces for marketing purposes, these tips are indispensable for you:


Hire/Work with A Professional Jewelry Photographer


The high cost of professional jewelry photography often dissuades business owners at first, but what they must realize is that it is a worthwhile investment in a number of ways. Beautiful, high-quality images can help your business get selected for exhibitions and publications. Moreover, bloggers and magazines would be interested in writing and publishing about you along with your professionally photographed jewelry. Professional work helps rejuvenate a brand image and make the objects come across as widely appealing! So, prefer working with a professional photographer that exclusively works with jewelry and ornaments, and has a credible experience in the area.


Have a One on One Discussion with the Photographer

Once you narrow down your choices regarding a suitable professional jewelry photographer, have a one-on-one discussion with its team regarding the shoot, your expectations, the photographer’s ideas and every other important detail. Clarify in advance the exact purpose of the shoot; for instance, whether you will be using it for your website or for a brochure. Discuss the format you want the images in, the timeline within which the shoot must be wrapped up, and most importantly, your budget. To avoid any chances of miscommunication, have everything discussed and approved in writing.


Utilize the Images Creatively

Since you are getting the images for a relatively hefty price than DIY, make certain that you fully maximize its potential by utilizing them sensibly. You can use these images in email newsletters and send them out to existing and potential clients so that they can stay abreast of your activities and development.


Get the Copyrights of the Images


To avoid illegal or inappropriate use of the images of your jewelry, make some extra efforts to obtain its copyrights. However, since the professional photographer would be having ownership and copyrights of these images, it’s wise to pay some extra bucks and get the copyrights. Moreover, discuss with the photographer as to how these images will be, and can be, used. If you don’t own the copyrights, make certain that the photographer’s and your name gets published with the images.


Looking for a reputed and experienced jewelry photographer for your online jewelry business? You have stomped at the right place. We are one of the best jewelry photographers in NYC that have you covered for all sorts of jewelry advertising needs. Just give us a call at 212 840 0030 to book your appointment or learn more about us.


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