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Jewelry Photography That Clinches the Deal!

December 4, 2015

With an increasing level of competition in the jewelry industry, there are merely a few things that can possibly be more important than obtaining great images of your jewelry pieces. Knowing how competitive and cut-throat rivalry exists in this industry, going ahead with professional jewelry photography is worth the time, effort and money.


This is especially true because jewelry isn’t exactly the easiest object to photograph. While you may be able to obtain some decent photographs after some trial and error, it’s wise to leverage the most exceptional and high-quality images that can help you clinch the deal instantly! After all, a picture speaks a thousand words – and the right jewelry photography is bound to do all the talking for your brand!


Here are some quick and effective tips that are implemented by professional jewelry photographers:


Working On a Complementary Background


Depending on the type of jewelry you have, whether it is entirely metal or a bold color, architectural or subtle, the background plays an integral role in determining how the final image will turn out. There are a number of simple options at hand; such as a light box or a white tent, if you’re planning to work with a white backdrop. For a darker background, you can utilize a dark paper or black acrylic. More often, the best way to let the jewels stand out is by  sticking to a plain backdrop to allow maximum simplicity.



Even Out the Depth of Field


Often, nothing produces outstanding results better than fast shutter speed, around 1/125 to 1/250 and an aperture more than f/8. While using a tripod can also help, it’s better to rely on your own hands when shooting straight down. It’s extremely important to keep the hands and body still while capturing images in order to avoid the slightest blur; and surprisingly, it is one of the best ways to get really good depth of field. Crisp pictures with a good depth of field attract customers and persuade them to buy immediately.




Use Diffused Lighting


When photographing jewelry, it is imperative to make sure that direct lighting doesn’t fall over the pieces. This is because it can expose the spots and create unwanted shadows. The best way to photograph jewelry is by exposing it to diffused lighting. Diffused lighting refers to a light that’s passing through a diffuser and then falling onto object. As a result, you get spotless, gleaming and alluring photographs of jewelry that will instantly draw in customers.


At Viva Blue, we provide the most unique and exceptional jewelry photography in NYC at our jewelry photography studio located in the heart of Diamond District. If you wish to clinch the best deal with your clients, contact us now or learn more about our comprehensive array of services.

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