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We are,

Viva Blue is a one-stop jewelry photography/advertising shop for your jewelry business’s marketing needs. We provide jewelry photography, jewelry retouching, graphic design, and production services. From catalogs to flyers, local promotions to national ad campaigns, we’ll see your project through from concept to design to production. Our competitive pricing will help you maximize your marketing investment.​

The studio is equipped with incredibly high resolution systems ranging from 36 to 60 Megapixels with full flash and lighting control units. Combined, jewelry photography is at its best. We also have the latest Apple workstations — regularly color calibrated to industry standards so your project remains impeccable even after it leaves the studio. Our sophisticated file-backup system includes off-site storage so your important files remain secure.

Products you ship to be photographed are safe with us. We have a strict hiring policy and work with a small team of dedicated and trustworthy staff. Your goods are protected with an anti-theft system and a high-end safe, plus they’re fully insured. Certificate of insurance can be provided upon request. Our building provides 24/7 surveillance and off-hour sign-in for entry.​

Come and visit us in New York City studio! Conveniently located  on 47 street in the heart of the  “Diamond District.“​

Why Choose Me?

light composure
Professional skills
Perfect Equipment
ultra hd
unic vision
focusing knowledges
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